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Here you will find "What's Happening" with your fellow alumni and their families.


Date: 7/15/2007 

Lastname: Mays   Firstname: Patricia

Nickname:    Spousename:  

Class: 1970  Birthdate:  


City: Newport  State: AR  Zipcode: 72112

Country: U.S.A.

Phone:    Cell:    Fax:  


News: Next Branch High 2008 Planning Committee meeting will be held @ 2:00 p.m.@ the Branch Community Center. All officers and planning committee members are encouraged to attend and be on time. All other alumni are also encouraged attend and give input for the upcoming 2008 BHS Reunion.

Date: 7/27/2007 

Lastname: Brown    Firstname: Robert

Nickname: Fat  Spousename: Josephine

Class: 1970  Birthdate: 11/1/1952

Address: 4516 Jamaica Place

City: Jonesboro  State: AR  Zipcode: 72401

Country: U.S.A.

Phone: 8709319390  Cell: 8705300766  Fax: 8705232662


News: What ever happened to our old school building? It grew up to become the Branch Community Center. We are currently osting the 2007 summer recreation program for neighborhood youths. We have a 24 seat, drop in computer lab that is open to the public, we just got our kitchen certified and will open the Jackson County Soup Kitchen soon, We will start our after school program on Aug 20th in conjunction with the opening of the 2007 school year. Did I mention that we just got a grant from the Jackson County United Way. As you can tell I am really excited about what's happening at the Branch, and I want to share with the rest of the Pirates. email me or call my cell, I have pictures and plenty of information to share. Our old school is giving again, and the whole community is enjouing it. We need to spread the word. Robert "Fat" Brown Chairman Branch Community Center

Date: 4/13/2014 

Lastname: Calhoun/Bracy   Firstname: Saundra

Nickname:    Spousename:  

Class: 1963  Birthdate: 11/12/1945

Address: 3410 Lehigh Dr

City: Little Rock  State: Ar  Zipcode: 72204

Country: U.S.A.

Phone:    Cell:    Fax:  

Email: saundra8@sbcglobal

News: This is in Memory of my friend,neighbor and classmate Billy Oates,he would have been 69 this year,RIP,my friend, You are truly missed. A Tribute to my friend Oh how I wish that I could still see, MY Friend, classmate who lived next door to me. I just want to see his face,,, Although I know he is in a better place. I first met him in the second grade, From day one,a tight bond, an awesome friendship was made. We laughed and played,we had so much fun, He never stopped until he had won. All through high school,he was always there, Just like a"true friend" and a big brother who cared. Even after High School we decided," let's continue to swing" So we went off to college to do our own thing--- That lasted only a year, but whenever we spoke, The bond was still there, and it was no joke. The last conversation we had was in September 0f 06, He said, "I'm happy, doing good, and living in the mix." So as I close this tribute to my brother, my classmate, my friend,and Rev.& sister Oates' baby boy, I wish him peace, I wish him rest, I wish him joy. April 3, 1945 March 22, 2007 I Read this at his home-going Celebrate MARCH 29, 2007, That was my oldest grandson's 15th birthday.



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